Enrichment Programs

Music & Movement ~ Miss Angela comes to PNS twice a month to get things moving! She brings her enthusiasm as well as lots of different intruments, music and interesting props. The children dance, jump and move their bodies during the 30 minute program and simply have a great time!

Yoga ~ Ommmm…Every other week the children concentrate and focus on making their bodies move, bend and ultimaltey hold a Yoga pose that any “Yogi” would be proud of!

Mr. Magichead ~ Appearing as his kid show character The Stupendous Mr. Magichead, and accompanied by his mischievous bunny, he stirs up a whirlwind of energy, silliness and trickery that leaves the audience howling for more.

Pumpernickel Puppets ~ For over thirty five years Puppernickel Puppets have enthralled, educated & entertained children with colorful & humurous adaptations of classic folk & fairy tales. They bring their cast of beautifully crafted puppets to PNS every year for an unfogettable show!

Top Secret Science ~ Science is fun! The children engage in up to 7 hands on experiments that are actioned packed with fun and humor.

Big Joe the Storyteller ~ He’s a PNS favorite! Joe has been coming to Pilgrim for over 10 years with his delightful storytelling and his amazing collection of puppets. He has been called “energetic”, “exciting” and “animated” and we couldn’t agree more!