Four & Five Year Olds

Preschool is where children combine learning with play. Our classes are designed to help develop basic concepts and skills as well as to capitalize on each child’s propensity to create. At all times the development of the children’s self-esteem, independence and confidence is of paramount importance.

We have a developmentally appropriate curriculum which enables children to increase their cognitive, language, social, emotional, fine and gross motor skills.  We do this with a good balance of free play and teacher directed activities. Our teacher directed activities allow for close monitoring of the children’s skills. During these activities we assess pencil grip, control, scissor skills, language and the child’s ability to follow directions. These skills are an important part of Kindergarten readiness.  Our carefully thought out free choice centers are designed to strengthen skills in all domains of preschool development. Free play gives the children a wonderful opportunity to expand their social skills, problem solving skills and to have fun!

We enhance the children’s learning experience with various activities. These activities include journal time, show and tell, letter of the week and morning meeting/group time. We have also recently added “Lively Letters” to our program. This is a research-based program that trains students in the critical skills in phonemic awareness, which is an essential skill for reading readiness and part of the Common Core Training which takes place in Massachusetts’s Elementary Schools. Each letter is presented as a lively character with personalities that interact. Letters are directly embedded into colorful pictures of these characters, depicting what the mouth is doing to produce the sounds. Hand cues are also included in brief stories to help make a lasting impression, linking the mouth movement cues with the letter shape and sound. We believe that adding “Lively Letters” will be a nice enhancement to our letter of the week projects, as well as our already successful, play based curriculum. We will also continue to encourage the children to become self-confident, curious and inventive! For more information about “Lively Letters” please visit their website @


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